Vanilla cake shop chain has been working successfully since 2007; today we run 25 branches all over Bigger Sochi area and Tuapse.

It's great to realize that Vanilla is the first word that comes on your mind when we raise a sweet subject in Sochi. This seemingly humble term hides hard work of a big company, of many people who dedicated their lives to serving Sochi locals and guests the tastiest pleasures money can buy.

Our confectioners produce more than 40 cake sorts, more than 30 tart and pastry sorts. We work all the time to widen the range of our sweet products so that all of our dear customers would satisfy their tastes. Our every product is always handmade: that's the only secret to obtain our legendary reputation.

We never use artificial flavors, enhancers and preservatives so widely spread in pastry business. Doing that, we sacrifice shelf lives of our products: they are only consumable for 48-72 hours. So you can be totally sure in natural origin and freshness of all our products.