Дорогие наши покупатели!

Для Вашего удобства и комфорта наши магазины по ул. Воровского и ул. Абрикосовой переехали в более просторные помещения!
Новые адреса:
1. Воровского, 54/11. Пересечение улиц Воровского и Карла Либкнехта (напротив нотариальной конторы).
2. Абрикосовая 12/2. Остановка "Сочинка" со стороны рынка.

Central shop on Vinogradnaya street opening soon

A new generation shop will surprise you! Unique products will charm you, and high-class coffee machine will gladly treat gourmet lovers with several sorts of true freshly ground coffee! Milkshakes, more tables, new interiors, better service - we'll do everything to bring you back.

Edible lace

New technology in wedding cake decorations is called edible lace or icing. As for ingredients, it's mainly sugar and white of the egg. This icing - white or colored, with or without extra additives - are very tasty, you can eat them with tea or coffee, apart of cake.