Director's Word

«Every person devoted to a profession, paying it with his soul and his time, sees his success not in numbers or other metrics but in hardly measurable things such as gratitude and love of his clients and visitors. Only feeling those things makes you understand that your efforts, emotions and human warmth were not given in vain: you did something really good, and people are grateful for it.»

Vanilla's heart and engine is Susanna Eksuzyan, our director.

«Since my early childhood I showed interest to the art of culinary. My parents supported my hobby and favored the growth of my interest."

This devotion to the work of her life, creative approach, never-ending search and recipe improvements allow Susanna to suceed in confectionery business.

By the way, it is Susanna Eksuzyan who gave second life to Curly Pancho, all-Russian favorite cake, and brought it to the masses.

When she tasted a cake made with chocolate sponge cake with sourcream-based creme and fruit bits, Susanna modified it a little and started to bake it for her family. And Pancho quickly became her brand cake. Once Susanna thought: Why don't we move it to production? It was a great decision. Curly Pancho became our best seller from the first day of sales. Rave reviews of a Sochi cake were heard everywhere. So we proudly declare that Curly Pancho's success story started in 1997 in Sochi, and thanks to Susanna Eksuzyan.

«I'm happy that up to now me and my team of professionals can treat people with our bestseller cakes that became classic and totally new desserts for every taste!»

Susanna Eksuzyan